by Bricco Mollea

The furniture, different for each situation, is a fusion between ancient and modern with the use of old home furniture revisited and touches of abstract art using the canvases painted in the bathroom floors, in the coating of the doors and stools, in addition to the paintings from different creative periods.
The peace of the place is inviting for walks on the LANDANDE ‘path, trekking to the shelters of the Maritime Alps, food and wine excursions to the wine hills (Vicoforte, Dogliani, Monforte, Barolo, La Morra).
Other recommended activities at the Resort are wine tasting, cooking, painting and yoga and meditation courses.

The resort structure has 2 suites:

Romantica, 3 beds and kitchenette

Imperiale, 4 beds

Chagall, double room

Girotondo, single room 3 beds

Flat Angelo Custode

Double room

Single room

Living room with kitchenette

Terrace and turret, 3/5 beds

Suite Romantica

Suite Imperiale



Flat Angelo Custode

Suite di Casa

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